Ledge Sports Scorpion 2 Person Tent: The Sister Of The Ledge Tarantula

sport2Pros Ledge Sports Scorpion 2 Person Tent is an improved version of the Ledge Tarantula, which is one of my favorite waterproof tents. This tent is different, because it has aluminium poles instead of fiberglass poles, and it has vinyl windows on two sides, which allow you to look out from the tent. Despite the differences, the Sports Scorpion has all the features that make the Ledge Tarantula so great, such as the two vestibules, the big space inside and the great ventilation.

Cons The tent has two vestibules – which is a must for a two person backpacking tent in my opinion – but it means that the tent is not the lightest backpacking tent on the market. It is not the heaviest either, it weights five pounds, which is not that much when it comes to a backpacking tent with two vestibules.

Ledge Sports Scorpion 2 Person Tent is pretty big, it measures 92” x 58” x 42”. This is enough space for two people to sleep in it, especially if you consider that the tent has two vestibules. The two vestibules are formed out of the rainfly that covers the whole tent, and reaches over both doors. The tent weights 5 lbs, which makes it a midweight waterproof backpacking tent. It is not the lightest, but not the heaviest either.


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The tent is a double wall tent. The inner wall is made of polyester, but it has mesh windows on each side. There is one door on each of the larger sides of the tent. The fly provides the second, outer layer of the tent, and it has two vinyl windows. There is one pair of vinyl windows on the smaller sides, covering the mesh windows. The top of the tent has two vents. These vents can be opened or closed according to the weather. If it gets hot, you can open the vents to cool down the tent by allowing a bit more ventilation, but you can also close the vents if it gets a bit cooler so that you can keep inside of the tent warm.

sportThe Ledge Sports Scorpion 2 Person Tent is different compared to the Ledge Tarantula as it has aluminium poles, while the Ledge Tarantula has fiberglass poles. Fiberglass poles are lighter, but they are more prone to breaking over extended use. But the tent has all the key features of the Ledge Tarantula that makes it one of my favorite backpacking tents.

What I like about Ledge products is that the company has excellent costumer service. They respond fast and you can read multiple reviews about how they went out of their way to ensure that any problems that arose were corrected swiftly.


The Ledge Sports Scorpion Lightweight 2 Person Tent is a different version of the Ledge Tarantula. It has a very good design just like its sister, but it has aluminium poles and small vinyl windows on the rainfly. The tent has two vestibules, two walls, and vents on the top that allow you to influence the temperature inside the tent and prevent condensation. All in all the Ledge Sports Scorpion 2 Person Tent  is one of the best waterproof backpacking tents on the market.

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