Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent

Pros The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent can sleep up to ten people. It is huge, it measures 170 square feet. The tent has a plastic sheet that you can put up in order to make two rooms out of the tent. The tent has an excellent waterproof system, and you won’t have problems with condensation either. The tent has two D-shaped doors that allow all the people to get in and out of the tent easily.

Cons As all shockcorded fiberglass poles, the ones that the tent comes with are prone to break through years of use. The tent comes with thin stakes, that you might have to replace as they bend easily. Unfortunately Amazon ships this product only in the United States.


The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent is huge. It can sleep up to ten people, but they might find the tent to be a bit on the small side. However it can easily sleep nine people. The tent measures  18′ x 10′ on the floor, and it has a center height of 76″. This is considered to be quite high, e  It is big enough to fit two queen-sized mattresses, and even if you put them in there will be a bit of room to spare left in the tent. The tent measures a total of 21.1 lbs.

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mountain2 It has a hooped rainfly that can be fixed with guyouts, so the rainfly adds more stability to the tent.The  tent stakes are a bit on the thin side for a family tent, so I would suggest you buy a different, heavier set of stakes.

The tent has a ping-and-ring system, that can be used for attaching the poles to the wall of the tent, which makes the whole process of setting up the tent quick and easy. I prefer to have another person with me if I have to set up a large family tent, but the Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent can be set up by a single person.

mountainThe tent has mesh windows that help with ventilation, which is also aided by the roof vents on the tent. The tent also has two D-shaped doors. It is always a problem if a big family wants to get in or out of the tent quickly, but the second door aids the process a lot. The tent has a white plastic sheet that can be put in the middle so that you can divide the tent into two rooms.

The tent has a welded polyethylene bathtub floor that is completely waterproof, you are not going to have a problem with water leaking into the tent through the floor. The tent also has a rainfly that covers the whole tent and helps with keeping the tent dry.


The huge size of the Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent is just one of its features that make it a great family tent. It can sleep up to ten people, it has large mesh windows and roof vents that provide excellent ventilation. The two D-shaped doors make it easy to get in and out of the tent even if there are plenty of people sleeping in it. I would recommend the Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent if you are looking for a durable, comfortable tent for up to ten people.

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