Wenzel Current Hiker Review: A Backpacking Tent For Couples

Pros The Wenzel Current Hiker Two Person Tent is a lightweight waterproof tent. It is cheap compared to the value it provides, yet it is very durable and comes with the unique waterproofing system of the Wenzel company.

Cons This tent is a bit on the small side for two people. The tent has a D-shaped door. I prefer tents that have doors that reach as close to the ground as possible, as it is impossible to trip in them while getting in and out of the tent.


The Wenzel Current Hiker is a lightweight tent that was designed for couples. It is a low price solution if you are looking for a lightweight tent for backpacking trips. Its main feature is the Wenzel signature Weather Armour system. This is a system that Wenzel uses to waterproof their tents, perfected over the 120 years that the company have spent in the industry so far. It is a system that makes the tents both UV resistant, and water resistant by adding an extra coating.

The Wenzel Current Hiker has other signature features of the Wenzel tents. The floors are completely waterproof. The bottom is welded, it doesn’t have needle holes that would be visible had the bottom and the wall been sawn together. Additional components of the tent are treated with superior water repellent applications. The floor of the tent is made of the same fabric as the wall. It not only shows that the fabric of the wall is extremely durable, but it saves a little bit of weight as well. However the unique fabric of the tent is also its weakness. It allows the tent to heat up in the sunlight.

The bulk of a tent’s weight is in the poles. The poles of the Wenzel Current Hiker are made of extra light fiberglass. The tent has a D-shaped door at the front. The tent measures 48 x 82 inches (121.9 x 208.3 cm) The tent’s width of 121.9 cm is not much when it has to be divided between two adults . Especially given that the tent has no vestibule. If you don’t have a car to store your stuff in you will have to use the tent. It is not big enough to store your stuff in it if two people sleep in the tent. If you don’t want to cuddle with your fellow camper, the Wenzel Current Hiker is not the right choice. You can always sleep with one’s head next to the other one’s leg. However it is always better to have more space. The tent is not big enough to sit up in it either.

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The D-shaped door means that if one of you have to go out at night, he/she will inevitably wake up the other person. The tent is very small when stored, which makes it an excellent choice for a cycling or biking trip. However the light weight is achieved by giving up a few possible features in the tent. It is a single wall tent, it has no rainfly, and it lacks the guy-outs that would add extra stability to the tent. This saves weight, but it is a negative when it comes to condensation. Single wall tents are more prone to condensation. The outside of the tent meets with the cold air, which transforms the vapor inside the tent into water. The water pours down on those sleeping in the tent, and makes for an unpleasant experience in the morning.

The main negative of this tent is its lack of ventilation, which ties in with the condensation and heating up of the tent. The tent doesn’t have any mesh windows on the wall. To have any ventilation you have to leave the door open. (Keep the bug flap closed at all times.)


Wenzel Current Hiker is a great backpacking tent for one person or couples. It is durable, but it doesn’t have windows. This makes the tent heat up in the sunlight. However the biggest problem with the tent is condensation. You might find your sleeping bag covered in water when you wake up. I recommend using Wenzel Current Hiker 2 Person Tent as a secondary backpacking tent.

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