Ledge Tarantula: Great Value For Your Buck

Pros The Ledge Tarantula is a tent with two doors, and two vestibules. This is a huge plus in my eyes, because I don’t like it when my partner has to bundle over me inside the tent when she wants to get out. The two vestibules are quite big for a tent of this size, which is also very good considering that you will need all that space to store your gear. The Ledge Tarantula can be bought for a very low price, but it offers great value considering its design.

Cons The Ledge Tarantula is a bit too heavy to carry on your own. It weights 6.2 pounds, which might be a bit too much for a backpacking tent. If you can’t split the weight of the tent with a partner, The Kelty Grand Mesa is a lighter backpacking option.


The Ledge Tarantula measures 92 inches by 58 inches, with an internal height of 42 inches. The height of the tent allows you to sit up comfortably inside the tent, giving you plenty of headspace.

The tent has a very good design, with 8 aluminium stakes and 2 fiberglass poles  providing a solid structure. The tent comes with a waterproof fly that covers the whole tent. The floor of the tent has a bathtub design, which means that the floor comes up onto the wall on the sides. The seams are sealed perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about water leaking inside the tent. All in all the Ledge Tarantula is a great waterproof three season tent.

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ledgetarantula2The Ledge Tarantula has two pockets on the inside, so you can keep a few stuff next to you during the night. A fleshlight is very handy to have with you if you need to go out during the night to take care of business. There is an additional gear loft at the top of the dome, with a small hook that you can use to attach a lamp. There are two small acryllic windows on the wall of the tent. I have found these windows to be excellent for enjoying the view on nature from inside of the tent. On the other hand others can get a peak inside the tent, so if absolute privacy is a must for you, this might not be your ideal two person tent.

The red rainfly version of the Ledge Tarantula.

The red rainfly version of the Ledge Tarantula.

Unfortunately the tent is a bit too heavy for a backpacking tent. It weights 6.2 pounds. If you go backpacking with this tent, it might make sense to split the weight with your partner. In that case you will be able to enjoy the great double door, double vestibule design of the tent without having to carry around all that weight.

The tent is small, but has a bit of a strange shape when folded. It measures 22 inch by 7 inch, which means that there might not be a place inside your bag for it. However you can attach it to the top, or bottom of your backpack.


The LedgeTarantula is a very well designed two person tent. It has two vestibules, and two doors, which makes it very comfortable to use this tent with your partner. Unfortunately there is a price to pay for this, as the tent measures 6.2 pounds, which is a bit too much to carry around on your own.

The Ledge Tarantula is a great purchase, especially if you take into consideration how cheap it is. I would advise you to purchase the Ledge Tarantula for backpacking with your partner if you can share the weight.

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