Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Person Tent: One Of The Best Backpacking Tents

Pros The Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Person Tent is one of the best waterproof backpacking tents in my opinion. Its lightweight design, easy setup and internal height makes it popular among backpackers.

Cons The vestibule of the tent is on the small side. I am a big fan of vestibules, they are excellent for storing you gear during the night, not to mention that you can even cook in them if it rains (be very careful with that :)). If the vestibule of the Kelty Grand Mesa was bigger, it would have been an excellent backpacking tent. 

The Kelty Grand Mesa has two types. The 4 person and the 2 person tent. This is the review of the 4 person tent. You can find the review of the 2-person tent here.

The Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Person Tent is known as one of the easiest tents to set up. The tent has a double wall design, with an inner mesh wall, a plastic fly on the outside. The mesh wall allows the air to cycle freely, providing excellent ventilation. The fly keeps the inside of the tent dry.


The tent comes with two poles and guyouts. You have to put the poles into the mesh wall, than spear the guyouts into the ground. The fly can be attached to the top with side release buckles. The whole process takes no more than ten minutes. The guyouts make the tent stabil and protect against wind.

The tent comes with a water resistant fly. It is fire retardant and UV resistant as well. This higlights another great feature of the Kelty Grand Mesa. It is perfect for sunny weather. Many tents become humid on the inside after the rain is gone and the sun starts shining.  The Kelty Grand Mesa’s mesh wall provides perfect ventilation.

The tent is 55 inches (139.7 cm) tall. It is 79.9 inches (203 cm) wide in one direction, 95.7 inches(243 cm) wide in the other. This is what makes the Kelty Grand Mesa a perfect tent for passing time in while it rains outside. The height of the tent allows you to sit up comfortably, and pass the time while the clouds go away.

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kelty2The Kelty Grand Mesa is a very light tent. It weights only 3.40 kgs packed. It is 8 inches (20.32 cm) x 25 inches (63.5 cm) big in packed condition. All in all the tent is light, and takes up very little space in packed condition, which makes it an excellent waterproof tent.

Even though it has internal pockets on the inside of the mesh wall, it has no gear loft at the top of the dome. The pockets are big enough to store your fleshlight, phone or even a book in it but it might not be enough to store multiple fleshlights. If you need more pockets, a universal gear loft can be bought for a few dollars.

There is only one main problem with the Kelty Grand Mesa. It has a very small vestibule. It is not big enough to store your muddy shoes and wet equipment. I advise you to bring plastic bags with you on your hike and put your equipment in it next to your sleeping bag.

Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Backpacking 4 Person Tent is a 3-season waterproof tent. It is for autumn, summer and spring usage, but it can not withstand snow. The fly is not thick enough to keep the interiors dry, while the poles are not hard enough to withstand the weight of multiple layers of snow.


The Kelty Grand Mesa is one of my favorite backpacking tents. It has almost all the features the best backpacking tent would need. It is big, yet light, easy to set up. It has a great waterproofing system, with two walls of which the inner one is made of mesh in order to provide excellent ventilation.

A video review of the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Person waterproof backpacking tent:

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