Happy Camper 2 Person Tent: A Great Last Minute Option

Pros The Happy Camper Two Person Tent is a lightweight backpacking tent. It has several minor design flaws, but it is very cheap. These flaws are not major problems for one-off campers, but they can get annoying if you use your tent multiple times. It is a great option if you are going on a one of a time camping trip and you need to buy a tent the last minute, but you don’t want to spend much money.

Cons The design of the Happy Camper is flawed. These problems will become annoying and ruin the tent through extensive use, but will not bother you if you use it once or twice. The poles are prone to breaking, the rainfly does not cover the whole tent.

 The tent sleeps two people, or one person and her/his gear. It measures 76″ x 60″ (1,93 m x 1,52 m) with a center height of 42″ (1,07 m). The tent only weights 3,5 lbs ( 1,6 kg). The tent is very light, which makes it a good choice for backpacking or hiking.

happycamper The tent has a flawed design. It comes with shock-corded fiberglass poles. Unfortunately they are not durable, and break easily. The top of the tent is made of mesh. It can be covered up with a rainfly, which prevents the rain from pouring in through the mesh. However the rainfly doesn’t cover the whole tent. The tent can’t endure a heavy storm as a result. The water will soak the wall of the tent and you will end up getting wet. If you want to waterproof the whole tent, you have to buy a new tarp, and cover your tent with it.

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 Fortunately the floor of the tent is waterproof. Even though you don’t need a tarp to put under the tent, I usually advise to use one anyway just to protect the floor against the rocks and vegetation on the ground.

 The tent is self-supporting. This means that it can be used as an indoor tent. If you use the tent only once, your children can play in it after. Even though it does not come with instructions on setting it up, it is very easy to do. Just lay out the tent, pierce the two poles through the tunnels on the outside of the wall and your tent is ready to be used.

 The reason why I wouldn’t recommend the the Happy Camper Two Person Tent as a long term backpacking tent is that it is not waterproof. The rainfly doesn’t provide adequate cover. Even if you buy a tarp to cover your tent with, you could do better with another backpacking tent.

You can find more backpacking two-person tents in the comparison table. My favorite ones are the Ledge Tarantula, the Kelty Grand Mesa and the Eureka Apex 2x.


 The biggest positive of the Happy Camper Two Person Tent is its price. I would recommend purchasing this one if you need something cheap for one night. Buy another tent if you plan on backpacking regularly.

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